About TruVision

With TruVision, members receive savings on LASIK through our national network of experienced providers.  Only TruVision offers a network that includes two of America’s most experienced LASIK providers, TLC Laser Eye Centers and The LASIK Vision Institute. Together both partners have performed more than 3.2 million laser vision correction procedures and offer a variety of plans including the TLC Lifetime Commitment® and The LASIK Vision Institute Lifetime Assurance Plan®.  These programs give patients confidence in knowing that if a surgery enhancement is recommended later in their life, it will be done at no cost.

TruVision member discounted pricing includes a free evaluation, pre and post-operative care, and significant savings on your LASIK procedure. Start your journey to better vision by booking your free evaluation!  At this appointment, we will screen your eyes to determine if you are a candidate and explain more about the LASIK procedure.

Find out if you’re a LASIK candidate by scheduling a FREE LASIK evaluation by calling 877-575-2020!